Midsummer Bonfire On Lanzarote

Midsummer Bonfire On Lanzarote

Midsummer Bonfire On Lanzarote


I Love this time of the year. Its June. Its summer. It’s Midsummer Bonfire On Lanzarote.

Every year the 23th of June we celebrate the Midsummer Bonfire on Gill’s RANCH in Arrietta. Gill is a friend of mine. She is British and one of those people, who seem to be born to entertain. She is so good at it!

When I and many others of her friends are invited to her ranch “Great Times” are guaranteed. This year we had a musician playing JAZZ on his Saxophone, while the

Barbecue was on and later during the night we had the pleasure of music delivered by a DJ who played all the great hits from the EIGHTIES & NINETIES. Oh lord, this music made us dance!

What I find interesting during these kind of celebrations, like Midsummer Bonfire, is the amount of different people you meet. Some of them you already know from previous celebrations and others are new to you.

Sometimes you’ll find there are a few people from every single country in Europe. It’s so much fun. Especially ONE PERSON in particular. It`s Pedro. He is Canarian. Born here on LANZAROTE and he’s Gill`s neighbour. He´s  in his early eighties and he never misses out one single of of Gill`s parties. He doesn’t speak a single word of

English, but I never doubted for one moment that he’s having fun! He loves to dance. He demonstrated that once again during our Midsummer Bonfire night!

While we were sitting around the tables earlier that evening enjoying our Barbecue food, I actually asked Pedro what he liked the most about the parties at Gill´s Ranch. Since he doesn`t understand a word of what is being said his answer really surprised me. He told me, he likes all the DIFFERENT kind of people he gets to meet. He thinks we are all great FUN, and he would never let an invitation from Gill down. “When you get an invite you have to show up”, he said with proudness in his voice!

On several occasions, while living here on LANZAROTE, I have felt differently. Not in a bad way. I am different. There is nothing that can change that. As a foreigner, your background and your upbringing is so dissimilar from the people born here so of course, me and lots of my friends have had some good laughs talking about it. And that`s where Gill comes into the PICTURE once again….

In the beginning of this year Gill had some family members from Norway on holiday visiting her. Young people. It was their first visit to LANZAROTE. They decided to go for dinner at the local village in Arrietta, just 2 minutes by car from Gill`s Ranch. It got later than planned, because the young couple stopped by the local Bar after dinner.

When they finally decided to return back home to the ranch it was pretty late night and extremely dark, because Arrietta has no lightning on the roads. They decided to ask the local police service for help. When explaining to the police officer what the ranch they were living at looked like and that Gill, the owner, was blond and tall the policeman exclaimed “I know who she is. That’s “Lady Gaga”!!

Thanks to the kind police officers, the young couple was guided safely back home to the ranch at two o`clock in the night with plenty of blue lights blinking on the police car in front of them..

And on our Midsummer Bonfire Eve there were plenty of lights too, BUT these ones where placed on the palm trees, on the terrace and used as decorations! When we were done with the barbecue, we went down to the garden area where Gill set fire to a huge homemade impressive bale of wood, branches and twigs. Plenty of photographs were being shot while we were standing admiring the beautiful scenery of Midsommer Bonfire Eve….

So welcome to “The foreign world”, Welcome to “Being different” and happy Midsummer’s Eve!

Midsommer Bonfire



300 Years Older In 1 Week!

300 Years Older In 1 Week!

Hi there, welcome to my very first post on my new exciting “Bettina’s Blog”!!

I would like to share this unusual and amazing story with you. “How I became a Professional Photographer In Two Weeks” thanks to Facebook. Social media is just amazing.

The sister of a good friend of mine owned a book company in the United States. And as it happens, her company was publishing a book called “Arena y Mar” with a plot taking place in Argentina.

The book was ready, but they were still missing the perfect cover photo for the book, because they hadn’t found a girl yet, who looked like Laura, the main character of the story.

So, one day and by pure coincidence, the publisher noticed a photo on Facebook. It was a photo on my timeline that I had taken of my daughter on the Famara beach here on Lanzarote.

She told me, that from the moment she saw that picture, she knew she had found “Laura”. She just needed my permission to use my daughter.

She also asked me if I knew any professional photographer on the Island, to do a photo shoot with my daughter. Unfortunately, at that time I didn’t, so I offered to take the responsibility myself, and take over the photo shoot.

I was completely over the moon, as you can imagine, when they agreed to give me that chance.

I love the photography and I have been taking photos since I was a little girl, even to the point where it drove my family crazy.

They sent me all the instructions by email. What photos to take and where. And since volcanoes are nonexistent in Argentina they specifically stressed that NO volcanoes were allowed on any of the photos.

Which was quite a difficult task, since we live on a volcanic Island!

Another one of the instructions, and the funniest part really, was the 300 year old book they wanted “Laura” to be holding in her hands

They didn’t send me one and I didn’t know of anyone who owned a 300 year old book. Not even a 100 year old book for that matter.

So, I came up with the idea to make one myself. It`s amazing how creative one can be when it’s urgently needed!

So what I did was that I took a brand new hardcover book from my very own bookshelf and went down to the beach, which luckily is just about 50 meters from my house.

I then put loads of sand on every single page and left the book on the shore for about an hour letting the foamy shallow waves wash over it.

After sitting there watching it for about an hour I went home and left it on my terrace, in the sun, for a week, in 30º Celsius.

That treatment was just what made a brand new hardcover look 300 years old in a week! Amazing.

Now, everything was ready and the most important part of the photo shooting with my daughter could begin.

We shot some pretty nice pictures that day and the US publishers were more than thrilled with the results, everybody were extremely happy with the result.

If I may say, the front cover of “Arena y Mar” was a smashing hit.

So this is the REAL power of  social media and thanks to Facebook, I can add Creative Artist and Professional Photographer to my Curriculum.




CÉSAR MANRIQUE 1919 – 1992

Have you ever heard about the Architect and Painter Cesar Manrique from Lanzarote?

If not, you don’t know what you been missing. For the 25 years I’ve lived here and to this very day  I still can`t believe this man hasn’t become known worldwide!

Once you have seen his architecture and Art you will never forget it! That’s one of the reasons why Cesar Manrique is a must and a privilege to cover on my blog.


A visit to Cesar Manrique’s house in Tahiche will make you really understand his amazing intellect and also how advanced an artist and ahead  of his time he was.

Cesar Manrique had a lot of influence on this Island. He pushed the idea through that houses were to be painted all white and no building in rural areas or by the sea must be more than 3 stories tall. He was admired by many, both kinsmen and foreigners.

Thanks to him high buildings are not permitted. The windows of Lanzarote houses shall always be painted in either blue, brown or green colour.

He was without any doubt a very interesting and very talented man. And his talent  shined through in many other areas. He was a fantastic architect, an ecologist, a construction adviser, painter, a sculptor and a landscape architect.

He died on the 25 of September 1992 at the age of 73 in a tragic car accident, just outside the newly founded  La Fundación de Cesar Manrique.

The Island has grieved his way too early passing ever since.

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