This Is My Story

I was  born and raised in Jutland, Denmark and the first time I came to Lanzarote was in December 1992.  I arrived with my family as a tourist to celebrate the Christmas Holidays.

From the first moment I was fascinated by the island! The mysterious volcanic landscape. The amazing palette of different colours.

The exotic palm trees and the marvellous high temperature, even in December.   I noticed very early on the “laid back” attitude of the Canarian people, and the importance to them of the outdoor life.

I thought it was funny and at the same time amazing that whether it’s a friends get-together or a business meeting food and tapas would always be involved. Mostly enjoyed at locals bars and restaurants. So different from where I came from.

During my two weeks stay I had the opportunity to see lots of the most beautiful and hidden places only known by locals, who naturally preserve those secret.


Pure coincidence gave me the opportunity to return to Lanzarote, and i have been here ever since! I fell so much in love with this amazing place that it simply became my second home. For several years I worked as a Chief Guide on an excursion boat doing trips between the two Islands, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. I absolutely loved it. Meeting so many different people every day from all over the world is so amazing and interesting.

Today and for the past 15 years I’ve been working as an Estate Agent. To me it’s a fascinating job in every possible way.

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