The Lanzarote authorities recommend you avoid drinking tap water in Lanzarote, most of the population use bottled water for drinking, coffee, tea and cooking. All tap water in Lanzarote is technically up to EU standards, but as it is desalinated sea water it doesn’t taste very good and has also been treated with chlorine. Especially during the summertime. Stick to bottled water. It tastes nicer anyway.
Do I need suncream every day while on holiday?
Yes you do.
Sunburn and sunstroke are by far the most common weather-related problems, so remember to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen, even when it’s overcast outside. So protect your skin.
Do I need an insurance?
Yes.you do.
Absolutely recommended. Make sure your party all have valid health insurance cards before you travel. If you do not, you have to pay for medical and hospital treatment and it is NOT cheap. For emergency medical treatment Call 112.
All police are uniformed, travel in marked cars and will produce id when asked. Politeness is recommended.
Licensed taxis are cheap and plentiful across the islands, but if in doubt, ask your hotel to call you one. 
Car hire is cheap compared to Northen Europe and available at the Airport and offices all over the holiday resorts.
Lanzarote weather is mostly good all year around. Our Wintes is like most the Spring or late Summers in Northern Europe,  Please be aware of that during daytime it is nice and warm, but believe it or not, it gets quite humid at night so I suggest to bring a jumper too if you are coming to Lanzarote during January – March. Some Winters can also produce heavy rainfall, but it is rare nowadays.
The island is tax and duty free and our VAT/TAX is only 7%. That means bargain prices on alcohol, cigarettes and perfume.
Lanzarote is in the Euro zone. Its easy to find an exchange office, or at your resort. I do recommend 5€, 10€, 20€ and 50€ notes (No 100€, 200€ or 500€ notes) as they are difficult to change when buying / paying local.
There is a decent 4G across the island
The island is very child friendly, when bringing children to bars and restaurants. Even during night time. Its a part of the Spanish culture bringing the children at all times.
Lanzarote has no farm life as such. We have no cows, so therefore no fresh milk.However,  in some supermarkets you can buy imported fresh milk from Gran Canaria, but because of the heat the milk has a very short life. Most of us drink UHT long lasting milk.
We produce Cheese, Onions, potatoes, bananas and wine!
ROADS: Lanzarote has quite good roads. You can drive from the South to the North in 1 hour and 15 minutes. There are plenty of signs every where. If you should get lost I recommend you to drive along the sea side. It works for everybody!
Size of the Island:
The island is 60 km in length, and 21 km of width. Our population is: 154.531 (Eurostat 2023)
Lanzarote is a Spanish Island and is the most eastern of the Canary islands in the Atlantic ocean. Its located 128 km (80 miles) off the North Coast of Africa.
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