Midsummer Bonfire On Lanzarote

Midsummer Bonfire On Lanzarote

Midsummer Bonfire On Lanzarote


I Love this time of the year. Its June. Its summer. It’s Midsummer Bonfire On Lanzarote.

Every year the 23th of June we celebrate the Midsummer Bonfire on Gill’s RANCH in Arrietta. Gill is a friend of mine. She is British and one of those people, who seem to be born to entertain. She is so good at it!

When I and many others of her friends are invited to her ranch “Great Times” are guaranteed. This year we had a musician playing JAZZ on his Saxophone, while the

Barbecue was on and later during the night we had the pleasure of music delivered by a DJ who played all the great hits from the EIGHTIES & NINETIES. Oh lord, this music made us dance!

What I find interesting during these kind of celebrations, like Midsummer Bonfire, is the amount of different people you meet. Some of them you already know from previous celebrations and others are new to you.

Sometimes you’ll find there are a few people from every single country in Europe. It’s so much fun. Especially ONE PERSON in particular. It`s Pedro. He is Canarian. Born here on LANZAROTE and he’s Gill`s neighbour. He´s  in his early eighties and he never misses out one single of of Gill`s parties. He doesn’t speak a single word of

English, but I never doubted for one moment that he’s having fun! He loves to dance. He demonstrated that once again during our Midsummer Bonfire night!

While we were sitting around the tables earlier that evening enjoying our Barbecue food, I actually asked Pedro what he liked the most about the parties at Gill´s Ranch. Since he doesn`t understand a word of what is being said his answer really surprised me. He told me, he likes all the DIFFERENT kind of people he gets to meet. He thinks we are all great FUN, and he would never let an invitation from Gill down. “When you get an invite you have to show up”, he said with proudness in his voice!

On several occasions, while living here on LANZAROTE, I have felt differently. Not in a bad way. I am different. There is nothing that can change that. As a foreigner, your background and your upbringing is so dissimilar from the people born here so of course, me and lots of my friends have had some good laughs talking about it. And that`s where Gill comes into the PICTURE once again….

In the beginning of this year Gill had some family members from Norway on holiday visiting her. Young people. It was their first visit to LANZAROTE. They decided to go for dinner at the local village in Arrietta, just 2 minutes by car from Gill`s Ranch. It got later than planned, because the young couple stopped by the local Bar after dinner.

When they finally decided to return back home to the ranch it was pretty late night and extremely dark, because Arrietta has no lightning on the roads. They decided to ask the local police service for help. When explaining to the police officer what the ranch they were living at looked like and that Gill, the owner, was blond and tall the policeman exclaimed “I know who she is. That’s “Lady Gaga”!!

Thanks to the kind police officers, the young couple was guided safely back home to the ranch at two o`clock in the night with plenty of blue lights blinking on the police car in front of them..

And on our Midsummer Bonfire Eve there were plenty of lights too, BUT these ones where placed on the palm trees, on the terrace and used as decorations! When we were done with the barbecue, we went down to the garden area where Gill set fire to a huge homemade impressive bale of wood, branches and twigs. Plenty of photographs were being shot while we were standing admiring the beautiful scenery of Midsommer Bonfire Eve….

So welcome to “The foreign world”, Welcome to “Being different” and happy Midsummer’s Eve!

Midsommer Bonfire






This year was no different from any other year. IRONMAN is, and will always be, a huge event on LANZAROTE. The most important of the year actually. We get participants from nearly every corner of the world coming to our Island to participate in the IRONMAN event!

I find it amazing that every single year, while I’m standing on the street looking at the participants what us humans are capable of doing to our bodies.

IRONMAN 2018 is all about Discipline, Strength and Mental focus!


It`s absolutely admirable. Behind the scenes of every participant,  there is a tremendous sacrifice of many months and years of training every single day, with no excuses.

The IRONMAN 2018 Participants starting point is on the beach of “Playa Grande” in Puerto del Carmen at 7:00 AM.

“THE MENU OF THE DAY” is 3.80 km of Swimming. 180.20 km of Bike and finally 42.20 km of Run. BON APPETIT.

The entire day of IRONMAN 2018 LANZAROTE is on OFF mode. Most excursions are cancelled due to the tremendous traffic and the huge amount of people standing on nearly every single corner of the streets cheering the participants or family and friends involved in that important day.

The local police has a challenging job that day. Turning the traffic in different direction all day long.

I myself was standing in the street the entire day. The atmosphere was fantastic and at the same time quite tense. The music was good and loud and played by a professionel DJ with a nice smile on his face. Happy day, A lot of the people in the street, where family and friends to the participants or people like me, curious and wanting to cheer and give support.

Some of the participants demonstrated more pain on their faces than others, when passing either running or on their bikes. I noticed when I was there, that all of us had a camera in our hands. I wondered how many photos were taken that day? We all wanted to shoot some fabulous ones.

In the early afternoon the first participant and WINNER of IRONMAN 2018 crossed the line. Italian Alessandro de Gasperi. His time was 8 hrs 52 min and 16 sec.
The first woman to cross the winner line was Lucy Gossage from Wales. Her time was 9 hrs 49 min and 27 sec.

I met one of the VIP participants from IRONMAN 2018, John Davies from Wales, and had the pleasure to speak with him shortly. He told me that he did feel a bit sick at times. That the Bike run was tough and when running he had a hard time, because of the temperatures. But having his family there waiting for him and cheering made a huge difference. His time was 13 hrs and 18 min. WELL DONE John Davies.

Before I went back home I made some shopping in the IRONMAN shop. I must admit that I fell in LOVE with this baby Body. I bought it for my niece, who is due to be born in middle of June. You never know if one day…




A Day At The Cheese & Goat Fair!

A Day At The Cheese & Goat Fair!

 This past weekend I went with some friends to the annual Cheese & Goat Fair in Playa Blanca in the Southern of part of the Island.

Over two days, every year in March, this small village celebrates the fair of cheese and goats.

Since Lanzarote was populated centuries ago, goats milk has been a crucial ingredient to the survival of the islanders, so not surprisingly, they celebrate it each year.

This fair is becoming a real hit and the idea I must say is absolutely marvelous. Cheese & Goat Fair

When you arrive to Playa Blanca’s main street great part of it is closed to traffic from the center and all the way up the small Church of the village.

Blue pavilions are placed one next to another on each side of the street stretching all the way along it. Cheese & Goat Fair

Each tent has its kind of “Own Story” that invites you to be explored, if you know what I mean. I’m talking about that arriving with a full stomach is a really bad idea. You must to arrive to the Fair of Cheese fairly hungry!

Cheese & Goat Fair

Because you see, you’ll not only find cheese, but all kinds of delicious delicacies from the Lanzarote cuisine.

Some tents have huge barbecue grills placed in front of them and on some of them fresh fish is sizzling and on others sausages roasting; you can tell from the smoky mouthwatering and spicy smell filling the air.

And certainly not to forget, among all the delicacies you’ll also find different sorts of local wines. Cheese & Goat Fair

You see, Lanzarote it not only famous for its vulcanos and the yearly sports event Ironman. We do have some fantastic wineries in the center of the Island and they are producing some great wines too each with their specific gusto!

Walking down the line of pavilions along Playa Blanca’s main street, you’ll find an incredible variety of all kinds of cheese each made carefully with it’s very special touch. There are homemade cakes and pastry, beautifully decorated delicious Canarian tapas spiced in different ways.

I have to say that this event has become so huge that the local television channel is covering it closely and has been blowing it up to a point, which is good, where leading restaurants on the island have started competing at the fair. Everybody are striving to be the best at making tasty and decorative tapas – which are the pride of Lanzarote cuisine.

Attending each year at the fair of Cheese & Goats, I noticed this year much more tourist than past years. That is great for me to see, because that tells me that it’s becoming more and more popular and I’m sure they all enjoyed it, at least as much as I did. I know that my palate and stomach certainly did!

I’m looking forward to next year’s Fair of Cheese & Goats 2019. See you there! Cheese & Goat Fair


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