This year was no different from any other year. IRONMAN is, and will always be, a huge event on LANZAROTE. The most important of the year actually. We get participants from nearly every corner of the world coming to our Island to participate in the IRONMAN event!

I find it amazing that every single year, while I’m standing on the street looking at the participants what us humans are capable of doing to our bodies.

IRONMAN 2018 is all about Discipline, Strength and Mental focus!


It`s absolutely admirable. Behind the scenes of every participant,  there is a tremendous sacrifice of many months and years of training every single day, with no excuses.

The IRONMAN 2018 Participants starting point is on the beach of “Playa Grande” in Puerto del Carmen at 7:00 AM.

“THE MENU OF THE DAY” is 3.80 km of Swimming. 180.20 km of Bike and finally 42.20 km of Run. BON APPETIT.

The entire day of IRONMAN 2018 LANZAROTE is on OFF mode. Most excursions are cancelled due to the tremendous traffic and the huge amount of people standing on nearly every single corner of the streets cheering the participants or family and friends involved in that important day.

The local police has a challenging job that day. Turning the traffic in different direction all day long.

I myself was standing in the street the entire day. The atmosphere was fantastic and at the same time quite tense. The music was good and loud and played by a professionel DJ with a nice smile on his face. Happy day, A lot of the people in the street, where family and friends to the participants or people like me, curious and wanting to cheer and give support.

Some of the participants demonstrated more pain on their faces than others, when passing either running or on their bikes. I noticed when I was there, that all of us had a camera in our hands. I wondered how many photos were taken that day? We all wanted to shoot some fabulous ones.

In the early afternoon the first participant and WINNER of IRONMAN 2018 crossed the line. Italian Alessandro de Gasperi. His time was 8 hrs 52 min and 16 sec.
The first woman to cross the winner line was Lucy Gossage from Wales. Her time was 9 hrs 49 min and 27 sec.

I met one of the VIP participants from IRONMAN 2018, John Davies from Wales, and had the pleasure to speak with him shortly. He told me that he did feel a bit sick at times. That the Bike run was tough and when running he had a hard time, because of the temperatures. But having his family there waiting for him and cheering made a huge difference. His time was 13 hrs and 18 min. WELL DONE John Davies.

Before I went back home I made some shopping in the IRONMAN shop. I must admit that I fell in LOVE with this baby Body. I bought it for my niece, who is due to be born in middle of June. You never know if one day…




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