I Love The Delicious Canarian Cuisine

I Love The Delicious Canarian Cuisine

I LOVE THE CANARIAN CUISINE and everything that is represents. Family and friends. Everything we do here together is somehow connected to food. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to give you a little bit of insight of what most of us who live here on LANZAROTE permanently actually eat on a daily basis.

I have chosen 7 recipes which are the most common. Some of them, such as the wrinkled potatoes with Mojo Sauce, is a must try and you will most likely see it on the menu in the restaurants and for sure at the dinner table too if you make a private visit to family members or friends who live here. It’s a big hit.

When my brother visits me he is always the first to order them from the menu when we eat out. And since I am very often asked by friends from Denmark about certain recipes, well here they are just below!

And secondly, the idea of making this Blog post with RECIPES came along with the current situation we are all living in at the moment. Which is for most people, myself included, that we have been forced to work from home and been limited with social outdoor celebrations and crowds, such as Restaurant visits especially. Which is one of my favorite pleasures. I love to eat! And I love the outdoor atmosphere at the restaurants.

Therefore I have been COOKING at home a lot more than I used to.

While doing so I thought to myself “Why not share my Canarias food recipes with the rest of the world?”  So here they are my dear friends.


I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.



PUERTO CALERO MARINA is located in YAIZA.  It’s a small Marina and absolutely a Must Visit Place. I myself would define it as  “The Pearl of Lanzarote”.  The buildings in the Marina respect the traditional Canarian style among the palmtrees, and the atmosphere is so peaceful even when its full of people. I simply love this place.

It was built almost 35 years ago and is privately owned by the Calero Family. Most people from the Island didn’t give the idea of building the Marina much credit, and in fact it took years before it became successful. The crises Spain and the Canary Islands suffered in the beginning of the nineties took its toll on the project and it took much longer to finish than projected.

Today it’s a completely different story. Just before entering into the area there are now LUXURY VILLAS of very high standard all over the hills and slopes surrounding the Marina. It has become the most exclusive and expensive area of LANZAROTE and frequently there are Royal visiting as well.

That might be because the Greek Princess Alexia and her husband, an architect born in Lanzarote, currently are living in Puerto Calero in a beautiful villa.

Puerto Calero also has hotels,  4 Star Hotel Costa Calero  and5 Star Hotel Hesperia Lanzarote to be more precise. 

The Marina also receives many famous YACHTS from all over the world. When that happens it is literally mind blowing. I have seen many of them and you wouldn’t believe “your own living eyes”, it’s so amazing, because they are HUGE and tall like a 2-3 storey building!

Not long ago there were two very impressive yachts in the Marina at the exact same time. Both of them were something like 60 meters long and 10 meters wide. They had Gym, Pool and Spa installed onboard and the cost of renting one for a week with 14 private crew members was the neat sum of 215.000 US Dollars per week!!

Once a year in SEPTEMBER the Puerto Calero administration organizes a serious Fishing Competition and it’s a real big deal for many locals on the island. There are visitors from the neighbouring Islands too, competing in who gets the heaviest and largest Fish.

Besides from being a very relaxing place to chill out, there are many lovely restaurants with all sorts of different Cuisines. One might think that its overly expensive, but the answer is NO. It’s priceless to be surrounded by the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. So go for it, and SPOIL yourself a little bit.

I have my personal favourite places in the Marina: 

If you would like to try local Spanish food and tapas go for restaurant “El Tomate” . El Tomate was actually the first Restaurant, that had the courage to open, and the only restaurant that was actually open down here for the first 2 years. Most of my family and friends from Denmark dine there at least once when coming to visit, because they like so much.

If you like SUSHI as I do, restaurant Minato is really worth giving a try. This is where I get my favorite Sushi in Lanzarote.

Because I have lived in ITALY, I am really a great fan of The Italian Cuisine and If you are too there are several Italian Restaurants down here and they have all very nice food.

Restaurant PAPARDELLA is my personal favourite, as it has a wonderful view directly at the marina and it’s many boats and also it has plenty of space outside where you can enjoy the sun and a soft breeze from the ocean.

If you feel like trying a meal “Like at home” I suggest you to go to MC SORLEY`S Bar & Restaurant and ask for a Chicken & Curry. You will not regret it. You will also get a full and plenty plate. Just like at home. I am not a Football fan, but they’ve got some good television screens in there if you don’t want to miss out on your favorite football team playing

When visiting The Marina you naturally also have the possibility to go shopping. There are quite a few FANCY clothes shops if you need to renew your wardrobe for some special occasion.

Puerto Calero Marina also has it’s own interesting Market on TUEDAYS and FRIDAYS. From 10:00 – 14:00 AM and car parking is FREE, believe or not.

There is a Parafarmacia with opening hours from 

10:00 – 14:30 and 18:00 -21:00 (Summer time)


Go to The TOURIST TICKET Office where you can buy Excursions and Tours around the Island. The opening hours are from 09:30 – 17:30 every day. 

There is a Waterbus from Puerto Calero to Puerto del Carmen. The trip is just 25 minutes. You can buy the tickets “On the Spot at the Tourist Ticket office too.

The Waterbus Time Tabel is:

From Puerto Calero: 10:00 – 11:15 – 12:45 – 14:15 – 15:45 – 17:15 *  o`clock

From Puerto del Carmen: 10:30 – 12:00 – 13:30 – 15:00 – 16:30 17:45 * o`clock

If you like WALKING bear in mind there is a lovely walkway from Puerto del Carmen (Old Town) along the coast line towards Puerto Calero Marina. The walk is 4.5 km long. I wrote a blog post about that walk last year, it’s called “I Love Fridays” and you can read it RIGHT HERE.

Oh, and by the way, last Month Puerto Calero Marina recieved the Blue Flag of Excellence!


The Avenue and Beach of Playa Honda

The Avenue and Beach of Playa Honda

The Avenue and Beach of Playa Honda

I have lived in PLAYA HONDA since the late Nineties. I love it here. It`s where I feel comfortable and where I feel at home. Its not a touristic area, it’s more likely Canarian and for the locals I would say. It`s here in Playa Honda we got the best and longest Avenue on the Island

When I first moved to Playa Honda and started building friendships with the locals I was amazed and happily surprised when we during the summer went down to the BEACH in the afternoons. I had never seen anything like what I saw down there and I really liked it a lot –  I felt completely at home!.

The beach was the gathering place for all the local families it seemed. Parents, grandparents, kids, nieces, nephews, aunts having fun and enjoying an afternoon picnic together.

Down there I would find my local Canarian friends with their entire family. From Great Grandmother to Aunts and Cousins of all ages. With their sun umbrellas and beach chairs and PICNIC bags full of nice and tasty food. I LOVED IT.

The attitude and that special bond that most Spanish and Canarian people have with their family I find very BEAUTIFUL. On those occasions one realize how much fun one can have on a completely normal afternoon..

And as you might suspect or already know the Summer here in The Canary Island is very hot. We have degrees from 32º to 38º Celsius and that is taking into consideration that we always have a nice cool breeze here

Also, the beach of Playa Honda is also a fantastic place for children during their nearly 3 month school Summer Holiday. The beach is at least 5 kilometers long. There is plenty of space for playing beach games and oceans of crystal clear water to swim in.

It`s that time of the year that the beach is full of laughter and chatter and the restaurants are fully occupied. The lovely smell of SEA FOOD and GARLIC is everywhere.

The Avenue of Playa Honda is also very famous for the airplanes that are landing just nearby. It’s running  past the landing strip of the Airport of Lanzarote and the landing spot is to find at the very end of the beach, when you walk in the direction of Puerto del Carmen, the great touristic area.

It’s a favorite spot for many locals and believe me, tourists too. Lots of tourists ride to the landing spot on bicycles or walk by foot to take photographs of the airplanes when they takeoff or land.

I have to say it’s an AMAZING feeling standing right under the fence when an airplane roars right above over your head. I remember years ago when me and my sister spent nearly two hours trying to get the right shot for my camera, while the airplanes flew over us. It was hard work as the noise and wind from their powerful motors were incredibly loud and one would automatically look downwards afraid of being blown away.

When we finally succeeded with ONE single photo we were thrilled. Especially my sister.

Now, the photo of that one airplane in perfect landing position in this BLOGPOST has a funny story to it. My daughter is actually a passenger in that plane. I took the photo on first shot, and then I immediately hurried straight to the Airport to pick her up..

Yes, our airport is literally just a stone throw from Playa Honda.




The Mountains Of Femes

The Mountains Of Femes

The walk in the Mountains of Femes in the Southern part of the island, has without any doubt been the hardest walk I have done so far here in Lanzarote.

It`s a 9.5 km long walk. But it`s absolutely wonderful. When you return back home you should be amazed and proud of yourself –  you were actually able to go through with it!


Especially when we have days with high temperatures it’s quite an accomplishment


So , what we did was parking our car behind the Church in the small village of Femes, which is placed in a valley between the high hills on the Southern part of Lanzarote.

We stepped out of the car and literally walked straight up the hill passing a house where the restaurant “Casa Emilio” is located. Casa Emilio is a tipical and beautiful Canarian house that has been transformed into a restaurant.

While walking up to the very top of the hill you probably pass by a Goats farm. When you do that you are on the right path.

The smell of Goat, and there are hundreds of them, can be unbearable for most, but I am sure you will forget all about the smell when you see their cute little bearded faces looking straight at you and posibly they are wondering what you are doing at THEIR farm!!

Once you have passed by the Goatfarm you will instantly see this amazingly stunning view. It`s amazing to stand there. Just you and the mountains. Silence. When standing there it’s difficult to calculate the real distance down to the sea because of the evenness of the brown colours of the mountains. Everything around looks like it goes into ONE piece and like one big brown carpet, with no points of reference.

We went straight up the mountain hills first and came direct out to a sort of cliff where we could see all the way to Playa Blanca. The south of the island.

It`s really a special feeling standing so high up on such a tiny walkway.

therefore, I have to warn those of you who suffer from vertigo, fear of heights. But don’t worry, it`s just about 10 minutes that path you have to walk through and you will be back on a normal, safe walking path again for the rest of the time!

While we continued our walk the only noise we heard was the sound of the Goats from the Mountains. Hundreds of them. I find it quite amazing how they can walk kilometres and kilometres on their tiny feet on the steep slopes o the mountain hills without falling down on my head!

After we had been walking for a few hours we passed by this homemade stone building that looked like a Tipical Canarian Bus stop. Right there in the middle of nowhere.


The funny thing here is that, while sitting there I realised that the only view was mountains and more mountains. Not the sea as I would have preferred.

 MWe took advantage of the “Busstop” and enjoyed our homemade sandwiches and had a little rest too on the bench before we continued towards the other side of the hills. We arrived to a small valley with very little grass. Hidden behind Femes’. So silent and peaceful.

After a while we returned straight up towards that mountain from where we came from aaaaand… Back to the Goats, those little cuties…

Enjoy your walk and don’t forget plenty of water. And really good walking shoes!


I Love Lanzarote Fridays!

I Love Lanzarote Fridays!

I Love Fridays.

Don’t you?

These days indicate that weekend is here before it has even started for real.

On most Friday early mornings I use to go for long walks with friends. It can be anywhere on the Island. I Love Fridays

We do pick different places for our walks all depending on the weather and the wind.

This walk I’m telling you about here has its starting point in the Old Town of Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote’s most famous tourist town. Puerto del carmen was originally a fishing village and The Old Town is also known as “El Muelle Varadero” (Dry Dock Harbour)

We park our car there, completely free of charge, and then we start out on our walk over the dusty hills along the coast. Up and down. All along the raw and fascinating coastline, where the changing landscape all along the way to the small marina Puerto Calero never ceases to amaze us.  I Love Fridays

I can promise you, at this time in the early morning hours fresh and cool air is guaranteed.

Around noon  it might be too hot for most people, especially in the Summer.

The walk is around 4.5 kilometer long , but laughs and “fixing the world”  talks make it seem much less and we manage to arrive at our destination, Puerto Calero, in less than an hour – to be more exact 45 minutes.

When we reach Puerto Calero marina, we always go for a well deserved English Breakfast and cafe latte at our favorite restaurant.

Oh yes. That’s an absolute must, because that Breakfast gives us the strength to return back to The Old Town of Puerto Del Carmen, where we left our car.

After enjoying our well deserved breakfast we are ready to move on and I must say, the walk back is as lovely as the walk out.

Back at the car park in Puerto del Carmen we realize that we have walked a total of 9 kilometers! And we haven’t hardly noticed.

Believe me, if you feel like taking this wonderful stroll one day your body and muscles will love it.  I Love Fridays

I definitely recommend it and also that you wear solid and comfortable walking shoes of course!

And most importantly, don’t forget to bring your swimming suit!

Along the way you’ll find some steps in the rocks leading down to the sea giving you the option to jump in and take a swim  –  it’s really refreshing. 

Happy Friday to you too!!


A Day At The Cheese & Goat Fair!

A Day At The Cheese & Goat Fair!

 This past weekend I went with some friends to the annual Cheese & Goat Fair in Playa Blanca in the Southern of part of the Island.

Over two days, every year in March, this small village celebrates the fair of cheese and goats.

Since Lanzarote was populated centuries ago, goats milk has been a crucial ingredient to the survival of the islanders, so not surprisingly, they celebrate it each year.

This fair is becoming a real hit and the idea I must say is absolutely marvelous. Cheese & Goat Fair

When you arrive to Playa Blanca’s main street great part of it is closed to traffic from the center and all the way up the small Church of the village.

Blue pavilions are placed one next to another on each side of the street stretching all the way along it. Cheese & Goat Fair

Each tent has its kind of “Own Story” that invites you to be explored, if you know what I mean. I’m talking about that arriving with a full stomach is a really bad idea. You must to arrive to the Fair of Cheese fairly hungry!

Cheese & Goat Fair

Because you see, you’ll not only find cheese, but all kinds of delicious delicacies from the Lanzarote cuisine.

Some tents have huge barbecue grills placed in front of them and on some of them fresh fish is sizzling and on others sausages roasting; you can tell from the smoky mouthwatering and spicy smell filling the air.

And certainly not to forget, among all the delicacies you’ll also find different sorts of local wines. Cheese & Goat Fair

You see, Lanzarote it not only famous for its vulcanos and the yearly sports event Ironman. We do have some fantastic wineries in the center of the Island and they are producing some great wines too each with their specific gusto!

Walking down the line of pavilions along Playa Blanca’s main street, you’ll find an incredible variety of all kinds of cheese each made carefully with it’s very special touch. There are homemade cakes and pastry, beautifully decorated delicious Canarian tapas spiced in different ways.

I have to say that this event has become so huge that the local television channel is covering it closely and has been blowing it up to a point, which is good, where leading restaurants on the island have started competing at the fair. Everybody are striving to be the best at making tasty and decorative tapas – which are the pride of Lanzarote cuisine.

Attending each year at the fair of Cheese & Goats, I noticed this year much more tourist than past years. That is great for me to see, because that tells me that it’s becoming more and more popular and I’m sure they all enjoyed it, at least as much as I did. I know that my palate and stomach certainly did!

I’m looking forward to next year’s Fair of Cheese & Goats 2019. See you there! Cheese & Goat Fair


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