The Avenue and Beach of Playa Honda

I have lived in PLAYA HONDA since the late Nineties. I love it here. It`s where I feel comfortable and where I feel at home. Its not a touristic area, it’s more likely Canarian and for the locals I would say. It`s here in Playa Honda we got the best and longest Avenue on the Island

When I first moved to Playa Honda and started building friendships with the locals I was amazed and happily surprised when we during the summer went down to the BEACH in the afternoons. I had never seen anything like what I saw down there and I really liked it a lot –  I felt completely at home!.

The beach was the gathering place for all the local families it seemed. Parents, grandparents, kids, nieces, nephews, aunts having fun and enjoying an afternoon picnic together.

Down there I would find my local Canarian friends with their entire family. From Great Grandmother to Aunts and Cousins of all ages. With their sun umbrellas and beach chairs and PICNIC bags full of nice and tasty food. I LOVED IT.

The attitude and that special bond that most Spanish and Canarian people have with their family I find very BEAUTIFUL. On those occasions one realize how much fun one can have on a completely normal afternoon..

And as you might suspect or already know the Summer here in The Canary Island is very hot. We have degrees from 32º to 38º Celsius and that is taking into consideration that we always have a nice cool breeze here

Also, the beach of Playa Honda is also a fantastic place for children during their nearly 3 month school Summer Holiday. The beach is at least 5 kilometers long. There is plenty of space for playing beach games and oceans of crystal clear water to swim in.

It`s that time of the year that the beach is full of laughter and chatter and the restaurants are fully occupied. The lovely smell of SEA FOOD and GARLIC is everywhere.

The Avenue of Playa Honda is also very famous for the airplanes that are landing just nearby. It’s running  past the landing strip of the Airport of Lanzarote and the landing spot is to find at the very end of the beach, when you walk in the direction of Puerto del Carmen, the great touristic area.

It’s a favorite spot for many locals and believe me, tourists too. Lots of tourists ride to the landing spot on bicycles or walk by foot to take photographs of the airplanes when they takeoff or land.

I have to say it’s an AMAZING feeling standing right under the fence when an airplane roars right above over your head. I remember years ago when me and my sister spent nearly two hours trying to get the right shot for my camera, while the airplanes flew over us. It was hard work as the noise and wind from their powerful motors were incredibly loud and one would automatically look downwards afraid of being blown away.

When we finally succeeded with ONE single photo we were thrilled. Especially my sister.

Now, the photo of that one airplane in perfect landing position in this BLOGPOST has a funny story to it. My daughter is actually a passenger in that plane. I took the photo on first shot, and then I immediately hurried straight to the Airport to pick her up..

Yes, our airport is literally just a stone throw from Playa Honda.




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