I Love Fridays.

Don’t you?

These days indicate that weekend is here before it has even started for real.

On most Friday early mornings I use to go for long walks with friends. It can be anywhere on the Island. I Love Fridays

We do pick different places for our walks all depending on the weather and the wind.

This walk I’m telling you about here has its starting point in the Old Town of Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote’s most famous tourist town. Puerto del carmen was originally a fishing village and The Old Town is also known as “El Muelle Varadero” (Dry Dock Harbour)

We park our car there, completely free of charge, and then we start out on our walk over the dusty hills along the coast. Up and down. All along the raw and fascinating coastline, where the changing landscape all along the way to the small marina Puerto Calero never ceases to amaze us.  I Love Fridays

I can promise you, at this time in the early morning hours fresh and cool air is guaranteed.

Around noon  it might be too hot for most people, especially in the Summer.

The walk is around 4.5 kilometer long , but laughs and “fixing the world”  talks make it seem much less and we manage to arrive at our destination, Puerto Calero, in less than an hour – to be more exact 45 minutes.

When we reach Puerto Calero marina, we always go for a well deserved English Breakfast and cafe latte at our favorite restaurant.

Oh yes. That’s an absolute must, because that Breakfast gives us the strength to return back to The Old Town of Puerto Del Carmen, where we left our car.

After enjoying our well deserved breakfast we are ready to move on and I must say, the walk back is as lovely as the walk out.

Back at the car park in Puerto del Carmen we realize that we have walked a total of 9 kilometers! And we haven’t hardly noticed.

Believe me, if you feel like taking this wonderful stroll one day your body and muscles will love it.  I Love Fridays

I definitely recommend it and also that you wear solid and comfortable walking shoes of course!

And most importantly, don’t forget to bring your swimming suit!

Along the way you’ll find some steps in the rocks leading down to the sea giving you the option to jump in and take a swim  –  it’s really refreshing. 

Happy Friday to you too!!


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