The walk in the Mountains of Femes in the Southern part of the island, has without any doubt been the hardest walk I have done so far here in Lanzarote.

It`s a 9.5 km long walk. But it`s absolutely wonderful. When you return back home you should be amazed and proud of yourself –  you were actually able to go through with it!


Especially when we have days with high temperatures it’s quite an accomplishment


So , what we did was parking our car behind the Church in the small village of Femes, which is placed in a valley between the high hills on the Southern part of Lanzarote.

We stepped out of the car and literally walked straight up the hill passing a house where the restaurant “Casa Emilio” is located. Casa Emilio is a tipical and beautiful Canarian house that has been transformed into a restaurant.

While walking up to the very top of the hill you probably pass by a Goats farm. When you do that you are on the right path.

The smell of Goat, and there are hundreds of them, can be unbearable for most, but I am sure you will forget all about the smell when you see their cute little bearded faces looking straight at you and posibly they are wondering what you are doing at THEIR farm!!

Once you have passed by the Goatfarm you will instantly see this amazingly stunning view. It`s amazing to stand there. Just you and the mountains. Silence. When standing there it’s difficult to calculate the real distance down to the sea because of the evenness of the brown colours of the mountains. Everything around looks like it goes into ONE piece and like one big brown carpet, with no points of reference.

We went straight up the mountain hills first and came direct out to a sort of cliff where we could see all the way to Playa Blanca. The south of the island.

It`s really a special feeling standing so high up on such a tiny walkway.

therefore, I have to warn those of you who suffer from vertigo, fear of heights. But don’t worry, it`s just about 10 minutes that path you have to walk through and you will be back on a normal, safe walking path again for the rest of the time!

While we continued our walk the only noise we heard was the sound of the Goats from the Mountains. Hundreds of them. I find it quite amazing how they can walk kilometres and kilometres on their tiny feet on the steep slopes o the mountain hills without falling down on my head!

After we had been walking for a few hours we passed by this homemade stone building that looked like a Tipical Canarian Bus stop. Right there in the middle of nowhere.


The funny thing here is that, while sitting there I realised that the only view was mountains and more mountains. Not the sea as I would have preferred.

 MWe took advantage of the “Busstop” and enjoyed our homemade sandwiches and had a little rest too on the bench before we continued towards the other side of the hills. We arrived to a small valley with very little grass. Hidden behind Femes’. So silent and peaceful.

After a while we returned straight up towards that mountain from where we came from aaaaand… Back to the Goats, those little cuties…

Enjoy your walk and don’t forget plenty of water. And really good walking shoes!


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