I LOVE THE CANARIAN CUISINE and everything that is represents. Family and friends. Everything we do here together is somehow connected to food. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to give you a little bit of insight of what most of us who live here on LANZAROTE permanently actually eat on a daily basis.

I have chosen 7 recipes which are the most common. Some of them, such as the wrinkled potatoes with Mojo Sauce, is a must try and you will most likely see it on the menu in the restaurants and for sure at the dinner table too if you make a private visit to family members or friends who live here. It’s a big hit.

When my brother visits me he is always the first to order them from the menu when we eat out. And since I am very often asked by friends from Denmark about certain recipes, well here they are just below!

And secondly, the idea of making this Blog post with RECIPES came along with the current situation we are all living in at the moment. Which is for most people, myself included, that we have been forced to work from home and been limited with social outdoor celebrations and crowds, such as Restaurant visits especially. Which is one of my favorite pleasures. I love to eat! And I love the outdoor atmosphere at the restaurants.

Therefore I have been COOKING at home a lot more than I used to.

While doing so I thought to myself “Why not share my Canarias food recipes with the rest of the world?”  So here they are my dear friends.


I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

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