A great day at Volcan De La Corona

It’s almost the last chance to explore the green scenery of Lanzarote’s amazing landscape.

There is already such a difference in the colours up in the mountains and the volcanoes, from last month until now.

There is absolutely no comparison to how they looked one month ago – so green, so lush. All though the landscape is  still quite beautiful.

That is one of the reasons why you have to be really fast if you want to explore what’s left of the green and flowering beautiful scenery of Lanzarote.

It’s such a short pleasure, because as the sun takes over it “warms” out the greens and therefore Green Lanzarote Spring has to be enjoyed to the fullest as it normally lasts for one month only.  Volcan De La Corona

In a very short time everything will dry out because of the heat and wind and the island will be back to its normal black and brownish colours again.

I am Danish, and I grew up with the green grass and trees. I am often asked if I miss the green colours… I do indeed.

Especially, when I see it, the green. When going home to Denmark on holiday and the plane is about to land at Copenhagen airport I get this “over the moon” feeling of pure happiness, when seeing all the green fields and the flat landscape of my home country.

That is also one of the reasons I appreciate so much more the green scenery when “My Island” finally becomes GREEN! 

Last weekend we brought Sally with us. Sally is a beautiful brown labrador you see on my photos. She’s an absolute sweetie.  And we surely got the impression that she had a great day in the country too and she managed perfectly well the 5 hours walk with us.

The first we did was that we went up to the top of the Volcan De La Corona so we could enjoy the panoramic views over the country side and the view all the way over to the Island of La Graciosa and The virgin Island of Alegranza. Volcan De La Corona

We sat down on a plain rock. Chilling out and just breathing in the fresh air. I will never, ever get tired of resting like and taking in that breathtaking, amazing view.

When walking downhill again we walked towards the village Arrietta, which is a lovely small fishing village down by the coast. The path we chose is non existing walk way, which means no path to follow. And that’s really a challenge.

It’s very rocky, so we had to walk slowly and carefully to not tip over or fall.

The view is just beautiful from that path we took and of course , lots of photos were shot here as well.

Walking all the way round the slopes of the Volcan De La Corona we finally made it back to our car in the village Ye on the other side, where we left it on the parking lot by the Church

We walked straight over to the Restaurant 300 meters from Volcan De La Corona, where we enjoyed plenty of delicious, great tapas and lots and lots of water.

And Sally the dog enjoyed some Canarian potatoes and “croquetas” with us!

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