CÉSAR MANRIQUE 1919 – 1992

Have you ever heard about the Architect and Painter Cesar Manrique from Lanzarote?

If not, you don’t know what you been missing. For the 25 years I’ve lived here and to this very day  I still can`t believe this man hasn’t become known worldwide!

Once you have seen his architecture and Art you will never forget it! That’s one of the reasons why Cesar Manrique is a must and a privilege to cover on my blog.


A visit to Cesar Manrique’s house in Tahiche will make you really understand his amazing intellect and also how advanced an artist and ahead  of his time he was.

Cesar Manrique had a lot of influence on this Island. He pushed the idea through that houses were to be painted all white and no building in rural areas or by the sea must be more than 3 stories tall. He was admired by many, both kinsmen and foreigners.

Thanks to him high buildings are not permitted. The windows of Lanzarote houses shall always be painted in either blue, brown or green colour.

He was without any doubt a very interesting and very talented man. And his talent  shined through in many other areas. He was a fantastic architect, an ecologist, a construction adviser, painter, a sculptor and a landscape architect.

He died on the 25 of September 1992 at the age of 73 in a tragic car accident, just outside the newly founded  La Fundación de Cesar Manrique.

The Island has grieved his way too early passing ever since.

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