Haria Valley Of A Thousand Palms


HARIA VILLAGE is situated in the North of Lanzarote and is one of the cutest and unspoiled villages here. I am sure you will love the place if you visit. It received its name “The Valley of A 1000 palms” many years ago from an old tradition of planting a new palm tree every time a new baby was born. It is now the greenest village of the Island. Apart from being cute it is also very authentic, CANARIAN and delightful at the same time.


“Haria boasts about its peaceful and harmonious atmosphere”

       – Cesar Manrique, Lanzarote


When driving downhill from the Mountains of Las Valles towards Haria you will see a fantastic view of the village and all the Palm trees surrounding the white houses.

All the buildings are traditional painted in white with wooden windows, with small cute balconies most of them with Bougainvillea flowers. The streets are tiny, so one has to drive carefully and slowly. There is a small plaza with Coffie and Tapas Bars. Perfect for relaxation, and an opportunity to letting the time fly by in a non bussy VILLAGE.

Just 50 meters away around the corner you will see the Local Townhall of Haria. Well maintained with a touch of Canarian style to it, and with a little Plaza in front, and of course plenty of Bougainvillea’s flowers. That`s HARIA.

My personal favorite Tapas place in Haria is the TELECLUB “La Tegala” next to the Local Church. I have to say they got a lovely menu card, and the strongest MOJO Garlic sours I ever tried. So, if you go there to enjoy a meal or Tapas with family or friends, I suggest you all join in! There is also an Aloe Vera shop with plenty of interesting natural products of all kinds.

Lanzarotes most famous Arquitect CESAR MANRIQUE built his second home in Haria in the eighties.

The house is today a Museum and open to the public. When he bought the place, it was an old run downed farmhouse. He refurbished the old building into a traditional Canarian Arquitecture mixed with modern vision and comfort. He worked and lived in Haria until his death in 1992. It’s a very special house and must be visited to be appreciated. Cesar Manrique was an absolute genius. Don’t miss you chance if you visit Haria.



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