As you may know Lanzarote is a volcanic Island situated 60 km from the Morocco coastline and therefore we got a very dry climate.

Most of our landscape is black and brownish lava. Especially in the South of the Island. Some parts even look like a “Moon Landscape”. BUT not during Spring time., where the black fields of lava turn all green, yellow and pink. Plants and flowers appearing everywhere.

Everybody think that we have Summer season all year round, but that is not so. For the last couple of years we have had 2 seasons, both Summer and Winter, because January and February have been really rainy month. Lanzarote Spring

You can’t compare the rain here to the rain in the U.K or Ireland, where it usually rains pours down for hours and hours.

Here in Lanzarote we have showers of rain on and off for a few hours and that is all it takes to change the entire landscape. The tiny volcano stones, also called “picon”, suck up the water and maintain the humidity from the rain. And they maintain it even though the sun comes out after rainy periods and during the long periods of sun you can really feel the warmth of the damp, humid air and the promise of warmer days ahead. Lanzarote Spring

That’s when the magic happens and the entire country side becomes totally green and invaded by wild beautiful flowers in yellow, pink and violet.

You can smell them from afar and you can hear the buzzing of local bees and even butterflies fluttering from the cluster to cluster of Spring garden.

When you are not used to having the extreme changing of the four seasons like in the North, the notable change to Spring gives you a marvelous feeling to your body and soul.

I  truly love to spend my spare time in the country side in the weekends in the months of Spring. Take long walks through the landscape and climb up to the top of our mountains and volcanoes to enjoy the stunning view, a soft green velvety glow as far my eyes they reach, and breath in that Spring has finally arrived. Lanzarote Spring

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