Love Is In The Air

It’s the most wonderful thing to see, when people are in love. Especially elderly people. I find it so romantic to see them sitting arm in arm or just holding hands.

The other day I went for a walk with a small group of friends taking off at The Flamingo Beach in Playa Blanca heading towards the “Faro Pechiguera” (The Pechiguera Light House) It’s the absolute Southern point of the Island.

This walk is EASY and very relaxing too. Its a 5 kilometers long walk, and it’s straight forward all along the beautiful “avenida” and coastline.

During the walk that day we saw people holding hands and sitting arm in arm on EVERY single bench.

That was amazing to see. This is why I decided to call this post “Love is in the air!

There is also a kind of “Viewpoint” right on the Avenida with chains hanging on railing poles. People from all over the world have put a HEART padlock on the chains. Many of them have written a little message. Some have written their name on it only. Possibly to return one day to see if their heart is still there..

During the walk you can sit on the benches available to the public or you can lay down on the sand and rocks and enjoy the shade of the bambu umbrellas, the sea smell and listening to the sounds of the Atlantic ocean.

When you are half through the walk you will automatically pass by a lovely Beach Bar. The dominant colours of the Bar is Ocean Blue and so are the chairs and tables and all around they have planted banana trees.

The ambiance is marvellous as the overall effect of all the impressions and view incredible as you also have The Lobos virgin Island just out there in the blue sea just in front of. This feels so like PARADISE. Oh yes, and I enjoyed my refreshment at the bar…


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