Punta Mujeres is a small fishing village on the Northern East coast of LANZAROTE, not at all touristic. Very quiet and very traditional. When entering into the village you will see white houses with blue windows for about two kilometers. That’s the size of the village. All of them built close to and along the sea.

When you walk along the tiny streets in between the houses a very laid-back atmosphere is felt straight away.  Old fishing boats are lined up on some of the streets. The smell of salt and sea is filling the fresh air too. Its Flip Flop life!

The Name “Punta Mujeres” when translated into English, actually means the “The Women Spot”. There are various stories as to why the village was named like that back in the 17th Century. I was told by an elderly villager that there are some rocks near the sea that look like the silhouette of a women. That’s where the name of the village came from, he told me. How romantic!

In Punta Mujeres there are approximately 1000 habitants. Do I need to say more?

As well as being a very laid-back and peaceful village it also has some marvelous natural pools just next to the sea.  So, if you decide to visit PUNTA MUJERES don’t forget your swimming suit. And because the “Pools” are not connected to the open sea they have a lovely temperature all year along.

You will find this lovely Tapas Bar named “Bar La Piscina” just 20-foot steeps from the sea and the pools and it’s really worth while a visit. The food is very good indeed. Even sitting outside the Bar is actually quite entertaining too. Especially when the adults jump into the pools and behave like happy kids.

 Close to the SWIMMING POOLS you will see this house decorated with flowers of all sorts from ground to roof. In between as shown on the photo there are decorations that match the sea as well as decorations that will make you laugh and smile at the same time. This is a house when first seen is never forgotten!


Quite often, especially in the late afternoons, you will see local families with their kids standing FISHING on the volcanic rocks along the sea avenue. When the sea goes shallow, its perfect for catching octopuses. It’s one of the typically diches on the Canarias dinner table, and also one of my own favorites. See my typical Canarian recipes HERE


Welcome to laid back and peaceful Punta Mujeres. And don’t forget to bring your Flip Flops!


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